Luminous Drums Vol. 1 for VST/AAX/AU

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Requires TX16Wx software sampler (free version)*

*The Luminous Drums manual covers the basics of using the sampler. There's also a tutorial on our YouTube channel.

30,000 drum samples totaling 70 GB (uncompressed size). 3 sets of toms, 4 kicks, 6 snares, 5 hats, 5 rides, 4 crashes, 2 chinas, and 3 splashes.

All samples are 4 channels, 88.2 kHz/24 bit, no compression or EQ. Tails are carefully de-noised without affecting the attack. Also includes 44.1/16 version for slower computers. Recorded in a medium-sized room with 20' ceilings and a short reverb time.

Mics: Shure Unidyne III SM57, Shure SM5b, MD421 MK II, AEA R84 ribbon, Rode NT5 omni pair

Kicks: Peavey Radial, Pearl BTX, Orbit 20"

Snares: Leedy Black Elite brass, Pearl Free Floating piccolo, Pearl MIJ steel, Peavey Radial wood, PDP hammered bronze, PDP 20-ply wood

Toms: Peavey Radial 1000, Pearl BTX, Ludwig Accent CTS Custom

Cymbals: Zildjian K and A, Paiste Reflector, Sabian Paragon, etc.

What makes Luminous Drums different?

Luminous Drums was created to address the shortcomings of commercially available drum sample libraries: not enough velocity layers, inconsistent sound, poor tuning, inflexible micing, and not enough useful sounds.

We put extra work into tuning and playing technique to emulate the sound of world-class drummers. Each drum has multiple variations of tuning and muting, careful matching between LH and RH, and around 64 velocity layers for each variation. The dynamic response is VERY smooth and consistent. The snare drums have a huge number of variations and rim shots, far beyond any other library. As a bonus, we include LH traditional grip for some drums, and a kit with two variations of tea towels.

The hats have up to 12 variations for tip and 9 variations for side, LH and RH, from tightly closed to fully open. For pedal control with real-time cross-fading between variations, we include a Kontakt version (hats only, requires full version 5 or later).

Luminous Drums uses TX16Wx because of its fully documented XML instrument format, which allows text-based editing and makes it easy to organize a huge number of samples. Kontakt was unsuitable due to the limitations of the interface.

Visit our YouTube channel for demos and tutorials!


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Luminous Drums Vol. 1, over 30,000 drum and cymbal samples

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Luminous Drums Vol. 1 for VST/AAX/AU

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